New Jerusalem M.B.C

"We Do No More Or No Less Than What's Written In The Word Of God" Rev. 22:18-19

Psalm 116:12 says,  "What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?"  The answer is simple, EVERYTHING!  When I deserved death,  Jesus took my place.  And not just for me,  but for everyone. I am a part of the body of Christ and His church and I am to love my church,  my Pastor,  it's members just as He does.  As a part of the body, as in comparison to the human body,  I must be functioning and continually have the spirit of a servant, seeking to give my time,  talent and treasure for my church. I must not be a source of discord or division,  that includes  my attitude toward my brothers and sisters. That is an area of opportunity for  me,  but I want to be a Christ centered member, loving others , praying for my Pastor,  his family,  his ministry etc as well as all leadership.  Lord knows,  I have some work to do!  Thank you for this book Pastor Martin. I love it! It has rekindled my love for my Church. And to strive to be  a better representative of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every facet of my life.  Thank you for continuing to be a conduit for the Lord!

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