New Jerusalem M.B.C

"We Do No More Or No Less Than What's Written In The Word Of God" Rev. 22:18-19

I am so grateful for this book as it has rekindled my desire to be a better servant for the Lord. With life changes,  health issues,  etc.,  it is easy to become a little selfish and complacent. But my relationship with the Lord isn't just about me but about my actions reflecting the God I serve IN MY CHURCH, IN MY HOME OR WHEREVER I AM 24/7.   It is reflected in my attitude with my brothers and sisters.  And the bottom line is it is about TRULY LOVING ONE ANOTHER. Have I been guilty of gossiping? YES! Murmuring? YES! As well as a host of other things including being unforgiving. I haven't signed the pledges yet because I asked the Lord to work on me in these areas,  and transform my mind and my heart to be more CHRIST LIKE and not LISA LIKE! Pastor Martin has spoken on some of these same principles, and I thank God for a word driven Pastor.

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