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"We Do No More Or No Less Than What's Written In The Word Of God" Rev. 22:18-19

  Yesterday I painted my front door to a purplish color from white. Now this was my first time actually painting something aside from when I was in school so I was actually curious as to how this was going to turn out. As I had the door fully covered with the first layer of paint I could still see some white so I had begun to ask myself what did I get into? I was discouraged because I was wondering what my husband was going to say once he saw it. So as I continued on with another layer  I could see that the brush strokes as well as the white were beginning to go away and it was actually beginning to look good. I continued on with one more layer and I was very proud to say I had done my first paint job all by myself. As I was reflecting on the paint job I thought about the first layer of paint and how I was still able to see the color that I was trying to get rid of. There are times in our lives where we are trying to get rid of something and because there are still signs of the old we become discouraged about the new. Just as I had decided to do something about my discouragement by adding another coat, we need to continue working toward our goal knowing that as we continue our goal will come to completion. Yes you may see a lot more of the old than you do the new today, but I guarantee you that if you continue to walk boldly in the power of the Holy Spirit complete transformation will come. Don't be discouraged by stepping into something you may have never done before, God said  I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be Blessed!

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